What is The Adjoin Fund, Inc?

An emerging organization of everyday citizens who have joined with foundations, organizations, and businesses that care deeply about the reading crisis impacting African American boys. We spread the word, raise funds, and support projects and activities to help public school African American males, grades six through eight, become better readers.

*This project was inspired by the work of Phillip Jackson at the Black Star Project.

What is the issue? 

An overwhelming percentage of eighth-grade, African American males in Chicago Public Schools cannot read at level.

What does it means that African American boys in 8th grade cannot read at level?

Eighth grade is a critical juncture for students. It is the year before high school wherein students are given more complex reading assignments each year. In high school, reading is no longer taught as a subject. So students who go to high school reading below the eighth-grade level are generally beginning high school with a major deficit. The ability to read at the eighth-grade level is necessary for any degree of success in our society. Generally, communications are written at an eighth-grade level. An entire generation of African American males may be doomed with the inability to clearly read instructions, newspapers, job requirements, safety rules, college applications, health and safety labels, voting instructions, and on and on and on.

What is the work of The Adjoin Fund?

Raising funds through special events, special initiatives, and personal appeals. We also use traditional fundraising approaches such as writing grant proposals to foundations and corporations. The number and type of projects we fund to help African American boys become better readers are aligned with the level of funds we raise. The more people who join with us, the greater the number of youth served.

Can I help?

There are many ways you can help and here are some examples:

  • Make a secure donation through PayPal on this site.
  • Make a donation through and choose The Adjoin Fund as your supporting charity.
  • Attend our annual Jazz Fling fundraiser. Send us an email so we can tell you the date, time, and location
  • Raise funds through hosting your own mini-fundraiser. Contact us and we can tell you some of the events that have been launched for The Adjoin Fund
  • Give us leads! Tell us of others who may want to join with us.

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