The mission of The Adjoin Fund, Inc. is grade-level reading by public school African American boys in grades six through eight.

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The Adjoin Fund invites and welcomes your participation. Your gift will benefit African American boys in becoming stronger readers. Thank you for your support.


The Adjoin Fund has three tasks that it hopes to accomplish with the boys.

  1. Remove the fear of reading from the boys. Let us remind you of when you were a child. Weren’t you afraid of a particular subject in school? Maybe it was math or chemistry or biology. If you were like us, you put up a barrier to learning the subject and tried to stay away from it. Don’t you remember how glad you were when the class was over so you didn’t have to deal with that subject again?

Well, that is the case for boys who are poor readers. Our intention is to break down the barrier.

  1. Instill the joy that reading brings. The Adjoin Fund determines the types of books boys like to read: graphic novels, books with super heroes, sports enrichment books, and books with boys who look and sound like them. TAF makes those books available.

Our intention is to show what reading can offer and the pleasure and anticipation it can bring.

  1. Pass on the message that his children should be readers. In subtle ways, boys will be told how important it is for their children to be readers. A significant percentage of the boys in our cohort will be teen fathers in less than four years. They will be encouraged to have books in the homes where their children live, take them to places where books are read, and read to them if they are able or have others read to them.

Our hope is to break the cycle of illiteracy among boys who are poor readers and their future children.

The Adjoin Fund raised a modest budget in 2019 from the following sources:

How Funds Were Expended in 2019:

Thank you for our notable contributors! Your donation to The Adjoin Fund is an invaluable gift to a child. For a full list of donors click here.