The Adjoin Fund Grants to Chicago Public Schools

“Have I Got a Book for You!” Lavizzo Elementary School. Two grants

“Guys Read Field Office.” Wendell Smith Elementary School. Two grants

“Real Men Read.” O’Keeffe School of Excellence. Two grants

“From Austin and Beyond: Handbook for Boys.” Edward Ellington Elementary School

“Bring the Right Books and They Will Read.” Andrew Jackson Language Academy

“Pirie Takes Pride in Reading.” Pirie Fine Arts and Academic Center

“Growing Minds, Growing the Library.” Haines Elementary School

“Making it All the Way Through.” Galileo Scholastic Academy

“Jason Reynolds Author Introduction.” Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

“Read and Rap.” Oscar DePriest Elementary School

Kindle Fire Book Club

Arthur Ashe Elementary School. Two years

Jane E. Neil Elementary School

African American Male Resource Center at Chicago State University and The Adjoin Fund Assemblies: Literacy Building Initiative with Teaching and Educating Men of Black Origin

Alex Haley Academy

Arthur Ashe Elementary School

Other Projects Funded by The Adjoin Fund

“Books Before Bullets,” a project of Leading With Literacy

“Young, Gifted, and Black Book Introduction” at the Illinois Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

Books in the Barbershop – A joint venture between The Adjoin Fund and Chicago barbershop owners

Legendary Cuts Barber Shop

English Barber Shop

The Stage Barber and Beauty Salon

Universal Concepts Barber Shop

Mr. Bay’s Bookshelf


Wendell Smith Elementary School

The middle school literacy teacher at Wendell Smith Elementary School is starting a Guys Read field office; Guys Read is a program created by author Jon Scieszka.

The teacher’s aim: to motivate her boys to read by connecting them with materials they want to read, in ways they like to read.

Our grant will be to establish the office, purchase books, pay stipends to reading companions, and purchase snacks.

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Mildred I. Lavizzo Elementary School

The librarian at Mildred I. Lavizzo Elementary School conducted a survey of boys in grades six through eight. She asked them what they would like to read. They gave her a long list of comic books, stories of action heroes, and art books to name of few.

She listed more than 80 books specifically selected by her students she would like to purchase, noting that children are more inclined to read when it is material they are interested in.

Our grant to the school will purchase the books.

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O’Keeffe School of Excellence

The academic director at O’Keeffe School of Excellence wants to enlist the athletic coaches in helping their boys become better readers. Using the “Real Men Read” model, coaches will host twice-weekly meetings to read to and with boys in grades six through eight, and help with homework.

The director believes the coupling reading with mentoring and athletics will have a positive impact.

Our grant will institute the twice-weekly project, purchase needed supplies, and pay stipends to the coaches.

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